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Amusing Monday: Amazing art based in shifting sand

I’m always amazed at the unusual shapes and forms that artists manage to create from sand — which everyone knows is nothing like wood, rock or clay, the typical materials used for sculpting.

The other thing I find interesting about sand sculptures is that they lack the permanency of artworks made of durable materials. Consider that after spending long hours dedicated to producing their works of art, the artists have only photographs from which to remember their creations.

This year, the World Championship of Sand Sculptures moved to Atlantic City, N.J., after three years in Federal Way, Wash. Twenty-seven sculptors from 13 countries were engaged in the competition, held in June.

I’m told that the annual sand-sculpture contest in Port Angeles, called Arts in Action, will be held this weekend. So far, however, I have been unable to find much information about it online. I’m waiting for a phone call or email from the organizers. It’s always been a good show if you like to see amazing sculptures made of sand.

As for the Atlantic City event, I’ve posted two slide-show videos on this page, the first accompanied by the natural sounds of waves and seagulls, the second with music. You may prefer the pictures taken by photographer Rae Mara and posted on her website. Another option is to check out the official Facebook page of the event. (Click on the first photo, then use the right arrow to move through the images.)

Jeff Strong, identified as coming from Puget Sound in Washington state, was honored with the “Sculptors’ Choice” award with his piece called “Dream Weaver.”

Look for solo sculptures by Karen Fralich of Ontario, Canada, who came in first with her sculpture “Amazon’s Pet;” Carl Jara of Cleveland, Ohio, who earned second place for his piece called “Goddess;” and David Ducharme of British Columbia, Canada, who received a third-place award for his “Folded Memory.”

Two other events worthy of a look via slideshow are a competition in January in Hawkesberry, Australia, and one just completed this past weekend at Revere Beach in Boston.