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Amusing Monday: Outrageous underwater sex acts

“Planet 100” on Discovery.com, with host Sarah Backhouse, features a series of short videos called “Top 5.” They’re mostly fun and informative, including the one shown here on YouTube called “The Top 5 Outrageous Underwater Sex Acts.”

I’m sure the producers of the program realize that the title alone will attract viewers, and these marine organisms really do have some odd mating behaviors. But this was not the most watched of the “Top 5” videos on YouTube. That honor goes to — wouldn’t you know it? — the Top 5 Superhero Animals, about animals taking unusual steps to save people from peril. One of the animals was a beluga whale in an aquarium, who helped a paralyzed diver get to the surface.

The following are some other “Top 5” that you may wish to watch. These and more are rounded up on the YouTube site as well as Discovery’s Planet Green site, which includes a text description.

Except for the “Celebrity Websites,” I guess these are fairly serious — especially the top 5 oil spill disasters of all time:

Top 5 Green Celebrity Websites: YouTube, Planet Green

Top 5 Worst Oil Catastrophes: You Tube, Planet Green

Top 5 Fortune Green Predictions for 2010: YouTube

Top 5 Disappearing Glaciers: You Tube, Planet Green