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Amusing Monday: Swimming horses and other water creatures

Horses that are accustomed to swimming with riders seem to truly enjoy the cool water on a hot day, according to Katie Dillon, a travel writer who experienced the thrill of swimming horses on Grand Cayman Island in the Caribbean.

Katie’s video, which features her daughter, is the first on this page. A Southern California resident, Katie describes the actions of the horses, which are owned by a company called Pampered Ponies.

“They walked rather slowly into the water until they couldn’t touch the bottom, she wrote in a blog post. “I couldn’t distinguish when the actual swimming started as it felt more or less the same as a slow walk.

“At some point, I looked down to see their legs moving in more of a circular motion. The guide confirmed that, yes, they’re swimming and stuck my GoPro underwater to capture it.

“What cracked me up is that all of the horses grinned from ear to ear,” she added. “They started to hum, too. Hilarious.”

After I watched the video, I did some reading to find out if this kind of swimming is OK for horses. I learned that this activity is much more common than I thought.

“There are few things that equal the exhilaration of taking a horse swimming on a hot summer day. They like it, too!” writes Dr. Rebecca Gimenez, a veterinarian who has dedicated her life to abused and neglected animals.

“The power that you experience as they surge forward, paddling strongly through the water is fun, but it can be dangerous, she writes in a safety guide to the activity.

Some of the perils of riding a horse in water is spelled out by Rebecca in Part 1 of a two-part series called “Don’t Drown Your Horse.” Part 2 involves suggestions and safety tips. The series was published in the online magazine “The Horse.”

The second video, posted by Alison Zook, shows horses swimming with riders in the waters of Costa Rica.

I was able to locate numerous other amusing videos showing animals that swim, although most do not have riders. Here are my favorites so far: