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Amusing Monday: The sounds of imagination

I’ve always been interested in how things sound, sometimes more than how they look.

When I was a child, someone gave me a little tape recorder for some occasion, such as my birthday or Christmas. I went around recording everything from flushing toilets to my dad snoring to cats drinking milk from a bowl.

One of the first record albums I ever bought was one that contained dozens of sound effects. My younger brother and I used that album and also made up our own sounds while putting together radio plays, which we recorded on a massive reel-to-reel tape recorder.

I’ve always taken great pleasure from music, the sounds of nature and other pleasant noises, such as wind chimes. But it has been years since I’ve done anything with sound just for fun. Recently, I began playing around, just for amusement, on a website called Nature Sounds for Me.

About the sound players on this page, you can start them by clicking on the big arrow. To stop them and start them again, click on the little speaker at the bottom.

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