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Environmental groups will boycott Navy meetings

A dozen environmental groups say they will boycott the nine “scoping meetings” the Navy is holding to kick off a new round of studies regarding testing and training activities in the Northwest.

In a letter dated March 13 (PDF 16 kb), the groups said the format of the meetings is not designed to encourage public discussion or even allow public comment. In addition, the Navy and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have ignored ongoing calls for the Navy to better protect marine wildlife and the environment along the Washington Coast and other biologically important areas, they say.

Navy's Northwest testing and training ranges. Click to enlarge.
Map by U.S. Navy

The Navy will seek a new permit from NOAA for the incidental harassment of marine mammals during testing and training activities. Most of the activities are identical to what is taking place now, but some new activities are added — including the testing of sonar from ships docked at piers.

Between now and 2015, Navy officials will describe and study the effects of various activities on marine life and update existing mitigation with new research findings. See my initial story in the Kitsap Sun, Feb. 27, and a related post in Water Ways, March 6. Also, you may review the official notice in the Federal Register.

Back to the letter, which states in part:

“As you know, the scoping process is the best time to identify issues and provide recommendations to agencies on what should be analyzed in the EIS. However, a process developed for activities with controversial impacts, like those at issue here, that does not provide opportunity for the public to testify or speak to a broader audience, or to hear answers to questions raised by others, and that fails to engage major population centers is not designed to help citizens and organizations effectively participate in agencies’ environmental reviews.”

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Clorox reveals chemical ingredients in its products

A major milestone has been reached in the effort to convince manufacturers of cleaning products to reveal the ingredients in their exclusive formulas, according to environmental activists celebrating last week’s announcement by the Clorox Company.

“The Clorox Company has become the first mainstream cleaning product company to disclose all ingredients in its cleaning products, including dyes and preservatives, as well as a collective list of fragrance ingredients …,” states a news release from Women’s Voices for the Earth, an organization that has been campaigning for such disclosure since 2007.

By knowing all the ingredients in cleaning products, consumers can obtain information about which products are safer for human health and the environment, according to Women’s Voices.

Since 2008, Clorox has been providing such information for its “Green Works” line of products.

In its own news release, Clorox says it has been committed to “doing the right thing” since it opened its doors in 1913. Said Clorox Chairman and CEO Don Knauss:
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