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Amusing Monday: the butt of many jokes

Some septic tank pumpers manage to keep a good sense of humor while working with the sort of materials that most people would rather forget. I guess that’s the essence of scatological or bathroom humor — mentioning the unmentionable in a clever way.


Here are some slogans painted on septic tank pumper trucks. I’ve included links to the websites where I found photos of the actual trucks, with most of these coming from galleries in Buzzfeed and Break.

Your number 2 is our number 1

Another load of politicians’ promises

A flush beats a full house

Satisfaction guaranteed … or 110% of your product back!

We haul milk on weekends
Biggs Septic

Got poop?
Franz Septic Pumping

Yesterday’s meals on wheels
Chilliwack & Abby Septic Tank Service

Caution: Stoolbus
Lussier & Sons
The Brigade


The turd burglar … We’re No. 1 in the No. 2 business
Grieve Septic and Liquid Waste
The Brigade

You dump it … We pump it
You sh== it … We get it
GJUY sludge disposal service

Money in the tank
You think your job sucks
MGM Portotolets (sic)

Thanks for flushing our business down the drain

We like to potty

Dirty deeds done dirt cheep

Turdle Tank (with picture of a turtle)
The Brigade

Your poop is our bread and butter

I’m glad that people can have a sense of humor about this line of work, but a debate is raging among septic professionals who question whether potty humor is good for business or the image of the industry. Read “Septic jokes are no laughing matter” in Pumper magazine.

I’ve checked out the licensed septic pumpers in Kitsap County, and most promote their spotless trucks, on-time service and affordable rates.

As far as I can tell, the only local service to mention humor on its website is Kitsap Septic, “a family owned and operated business.” The Miller family keeps its maroon-colored trucks clean and in top shape, but “we have a sense of humor.”

The company slogan painted on the trucks is, “Satisfaction Guaranteed or Double Your Load Back.” The license plates include phrases such as “PEE-YOU” and “PEE-WEE.”

Hood Canal report finds septic systems a problem

An investigation into the causes of low-oxygen conditions in Hood Canal is coming to a close with this week’s release of a final report by the Hood Canal Dissolved Oxygen Program.

The pattern of fall oxygen levels show severely depleted waters from Twanoh State Park to Hoodsport with much better conditions to the north. (Click to enlarge.)
Map courtesy of Hood Canal Dissolved Oxygen Program

I described the report in general terms in a story published in yesterday’s Kitsap Sun. You may read the report for yourself at the HCDOP website.

What the five-year study learned about Hood Canal seems quite impressive. The full report contains extensive discussions about what causes oxygen to decline, the triggering mechanism for fish kills, the inputs of nitrogen that drive the system and much more.

One of the conclusions, which I focused on in my latest story, is that nitrogen from septic systems in Southern Hood Canal appears to be a pivotal factor in fish kills. When the natural decline in oxygen approaches a dangerous range, the added nitrogen from septic systems can tip the balance, causing excessive stress and sometimes death for marine creatures.

According to the report, one cannot easily separate the natural factors from the human factors that create problems in Hood Canal. The long, narrow fjord is flushed slowly compared to most marine systems. Organic carbon and nitrogen, which are the major players in oxygen decline, naturally come in from streams, groundwater and the Pacific Ocean. Numerous human sources, such as septic systems and fertilizers, must be taken into account.

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