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Amusing Monday: Pranks and games for April Fool’s

With April Fool’s Day coming up tomorrow, I’ve decided the theme for this week’s “Amusing Monday” should be games, tricks and pranks.

Let’s start with late-night TV host Jimmy Fallon, who has been playing a game called “Water War” with various celebrities, something he started even before he took over “The Tonight Show” earlier this year. The game plays like the traditional card game “War” with a bonus: The winner of each hand gets to throw a glass of water on his or her opponent.

The first video player on this page features a game of “Water War” between Jimmy Fallon and Lindsay Lohan, in which you will notice that Lindsay gets the upper hand. Other celebrities engaging in “Water War” include:

Another late-night TV host, Jimmy Kimmel, invited illusionist David Blaine on his show to demonstrate what he can do with water and fire. It seems Blaine was pretty thirsty before he started the trick. But you’ll need to watch the entire video on Kimmel’s YouTube channel to see what the magician can do with water and a flammable liquid.

I was quite amused by the practical joke played by a 10-year-old girl on her father. She had him totally convinced that the roof was leaking, but the cause of the dripping was a harmless rag placed in a heater vent. Check out the second video on this page for the full prank.

Another practical joke, which was designed to drench the target of the prank, failed when the guy outsmarted the pranksters. See how he did it by watching the video on Vid Addict.

Amusing Monday: The ongoing value of paper

We hear a lot about personal electronics and the move toward a paperless society. This idea only goes so far, however, as you’ll see in the video below. It comes from a television commercial by Leo Burnett, a French ad agency.

While we’re on the theme of paper, check out this episode of “Prank vs. Prank,” a long-running series on the Internet that involves a couple playing pranks on each other from 2007 right up to the present.

I’m not sure how their relationship survives, but Jesse Wellens and Jennifer “Jeana” Smith are still going strong with their pranks. Some are funny and some seem a little cruel. But people keep watching their videos on Prank vs. Prank. As of today, their channel has been viewed more than 376 million times.

I was also amused by the funny toilet paper rolls brought together in a blog by Rhonda Ablom, a.k.a. Pukeko, on the website Cozy.

Rhonda points toward a survey that asked people what things they would least want to wipe their bottoms with. Glass shards and barbed wire led the list, and Rhonda was able to find some soft bathroom tissue with a picture of barbed wire on each sheet. This could be a good conversation starter.

Amusing Monday: Water pranks for April Fool’s Day

We used to call them “practical jokes.” My wife’s family has a long tradition of pulling tricks on people — a tradition that has made me the victim too many times to count, a tradition that now has caught on with our grandchildren.


Through the years, television has captured the reactions of many prank victims, beginning with “Candid Camera,” a show that dates back to the earliest days of television. At least 10 TV shows have been based on tricking people, according to Maccorley Mathieu of Star Pulse, who listed his “Top 10” prank shows for April Fool’s Day in 2010.

One of the tickster shows is the ongoing Canadian production “Just for Laughs” and its later version involving children, called “Kidding Around.” In honor of April Fool’s Day, I’ve borrowed a few water-related videos from this program to amuse you today. If that’s not enough, check out the YouTube pages where you will find these:

Fire Hydrant Explosion Gag

Wet and Dry Twins

Laptop Water Damage

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Crazy Watermelon Spray

Shark Attack!