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Legislation to help endangered orcas keeps moving toward approval

Members of the governor’s orca task force this week expressed hope and a bit of surprise as they discussed their recommendations to help the orcas —recommendations that were shaped into legislation and now have a fairly good chance of passage.

Over the years, some of their ideas have been proposed and discussed — and ultimately killed — by lawmakers, but now the plight of the critically endangered southern resident killer whales has increased the urgency of these environmental measures — including bills dealing with habitat, oil-spill prevention and the orcas themselves.

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State budget supports Carpenter Creek bridge

Folks concerned about wild salmon in North Kitsap are celebrating the Legislature’s funding of $2.8 million for the long-awaited bridge at the mouth of Carpenter Creek near Kingston.

The project has been on and off for a decade, as I explained in story I wrote for the Kitsap Sun in December. The lobbying effort by bridge supporters, including the Kitsap County commissioners, was intense. That and continued support from Kitsap’s legislators are credited with getting the bridge funded.

It seems unlikely that bids for the bridge project can be advertised and contracts approved in time for this summer’s construction season, given the need to work around salmon migration. But we’ll wait and see how things are scheduled.

Leaders of the state’s environmental groups were disappointed that the Legislature failed to raise a tax on toxic chemicals, which would have set aside $100 million a year for stormwater projects. Addressing stormwater is considered the top priority for improving the water quality of Puget Sound and other waterways.
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