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Amusing Monday: Water connections to Christmas

What do you get when you mix Christmas with water? Since this is a blog about water-related issues, I decided to roll the dice and see what Google would come up with.

Well, nobody is more water-related than SpongeBob SquarePants, who just happens to have a Christmas episode, shown in its entirety in the first video on this page. You may also enjoy some of these SpongeBob Christmas songs:

Did you know that the SpongeBob cartoon was created for Nickelodeon by a marine biologist, Stephen Hillenburg, who is also an animator. I am not sure what makes SpongeBob so popular, but Nickelodeon executives must be thrilled. It is the highest-rated series ever to air on the network, which has grossed $13 billion in merchandising revenue from the SpongeBob cartoon, according to a New York Times story by Sopan Deb.

The TV show, launched in 1999, borrowed ideas from a comic book, “The Intertidal Zone,” which was started by Hillenburg in 1989. SpongeBob’s original name was SpongeBoy, and the series was dubbed “SpongeBoy Ahoy!.” Unfortunately, the name was already trademarked by someone else, thus the name change, according to Wikipedia.

If you haven’t heard, SpongeBob is now a Broadway musical. One can get a sampling of the music on the Official Broadway Musical Website. The story of how a cartoon was translated into a play is explored in the New York Times story.

Another waterbound story is told by Nemo Dive Center, based on the island of Cypress in the Middle East. Check out the second video. Any group of people who would go to such lengths to make a Christmas connection to their business must be great to be around.

“We provide a personal service with the highest possible quality and safety in diving, never forgetting that we all want to have fun,” says an introduction to Nemo’s website. “PADI courses and Nemo dive center itself are making sure that your diving experience will remain imprinted in your memory forever.”

Speaking of divers, I can’t pass up the chance to show Santa at the Seattle Aquarium. If you missed his appearances this year, chances are that Santa will be back at the aquarium next year, starting right after Thanksgiving.

The third video on this page was produced to show how Santa appears to observers outside the 120,000-gallon tank known as the Washington Waters exhibit. It also shows the exhibit from Santa’s point of view inside the tank, as described in the video notes. Santa’s appearances are typically accompanied by fun musical groups.

In a much less festive finding, my Internet search for the words “water” and “Christmas” found a video about the need to water your Christmas tree. The last video on this page is one of two produced by the National Institute of Standards and Technology to show the dangers of letting your tree dry out. In the video, one tree is kept watered and the other is thirsty, as they are set on fire at the same time. You can see the result. A second video and behind-the-scenes photos can be viewed on the NIST website.

More than 200 house fires each year begin with a Christmas tree, according to the National Fire Protection Association, which offers tips for “winter holiday safety.”

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday season.