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Amusing Monday: Jesse Ventura’s water conspiracy

Jesse Ventura, professional wrestler who became governor of Minnesota, weaves a fantastic, interwoven tale of conspiracy that leaves your head spinning in his program “Conspiracy Theory” on Tru TV.

His latest program, purporting to uncover a worldwide conspiracy tied to water, contains just enough truth to make you wonder whether the worldwide population is destined to die of thirst unless we turn over all our money to corporations.

Worldwide Water Conspiracy, Part 2

Worldwide Water Conspiracy, Part 3

I think the show is supposed to be seriously dramatic, but I found myself laughing out loud by Ventura’s gruff voice and his over-acting, as if playing the role of an investigative reporter who has discovered something that no other environmental reporter ever imagined.

I realize that some people never question what they see or hear on television, but I’m suggesting that every segment of Ventura’s show is fraught with exaggeration. I hope I’m not the only one who sees humor in this program. Please tell me I’m not alone!

I was already planning to feature Ventura’s overblown rantings for today’s “Amusing Monday,” when GroovyJoker, a regular participant on Water Ways, beat me to the punch. Groovy mentioned Ventura’s program in relation to water-related comments made by our newest Supreme Court justice, Charlie Wiggins. I think GroovyJoker was smiling, but I’m not sure.
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