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The PSP Interviews: Martha Kongsgaard

When I wrote my recent progress report on the Puget Sound Partnership, my story included little more than brief quotes and snippits of information from a variety of informed people. It is somewhat rewarding to have a blog where I can bring you more complete impressions of the people I interviewed. Here is the first in a series of expanded reports from those interviews.

Martha Kongsgaard took over as chairwoman of the Puget Sound Partnership in July of last year, when Bill Ruckelshaus retired from the position. Martha previously was vice chairwoman. See news release, July 20.

Martha Kongsgaard

Although I had interviewed Ruckelshaus many times over the years, this was the first major interview I conducted with Kongsgaard, best known as the founder of the Kongsgaard-Goldman Foundation. The foundation supports various nonprofit environmental, social justice and arts organizations throughout the Northwest. She has served on boards and committees of Earthjustice, Islandwood, the Future of the Law Institute and Friends of the Methow.

Martha grew up in Napa, Calif., where her family raised cattle and operated vineyards. In 1988, she married Peter Goldman and collaborated with him to establish the foundation that carries their names.

In our interview, Kongsgaard said a lot of frustration has been expressed around the goal of cleaning up Puget Sound by 2020. While that may be a goal to “agitate around,” the effort to protect and restore Puget Sound will be ongoing, no matter how much is accomplished by 2020, she said.
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