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Amusing Monday: Riding the Waves

I have no intention of making Watching Our Water Ways an All-Serious, All-the-Time blog, so I’m always on the lookout for some humorous stories and videos on the subject of water.

I’m going to try to make lighter topics a weekly feature of this blog, which I’ll call Amusing Mondays. Please contribute any amusing water-related topics that you come across. They may be stories, cartoons, photographs, videos, just about anything. (If copyright is an issue, we’ll have to link to someone else rather than running the raw text or images.)

For today’s entry, I came across this cool human-powered hydrofoil water scooter. You need to watch two short videos, the first from the manufacturer.

You can actually buy this thing from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Now watch MythBusters’ Adam Savage (Discovery Channel) demonstrate his rare and unique skill with the device.