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Story of Australian humpback calf coming to an end

Final update, Friday, Aug. 22, 10 a.m.

It’s all over for the young humpback whale that lost its mother in Australia. The starving calf was administered an overdose of anesthetic to end its suffering, according to the Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian (with slideshow).

Meanwhile, wildlife workers have located a dead adult humpback, which may be its mother, on a beach. DNA tests are planned to determine if there’s a relation between the animals. Sydney Morning Herald.

Another story in the Herald explores why humans have such a strong emotional reaction to the plight of other animals.

The sad story also includes complaints about the treatment of the whale during its ordeal. See The Australian.

Thursday, Aug. 21, 3:55 p.m.

Here’s an update on the young humpback whale that we’ve discussed on this site.

It’s Friday morning morning in Sydney, Australia, and the Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service is expected to euthanize the humpback calf within hours.

The animal has not eaten in six days, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. It was suffering from shark-inflicted wounds, and its flukes were hanging down, said National Parks spokesman John Dengate.

“The last thing we want is that the whale should suffer,” he said. “The vets are saying, ‘He hasn’t got long to go – you should take action.’”

I was somewhat troubled by the humorous tone that some reporters were taking several days ago, when it appeared the whale was lost and trying to snuggle up to pleasure boats. It’s never a good thing when a young animal loses its mother.

Baby humpback in trouble in Australia

UPDATE: The latest stories say the calf is growing weaker and the only hope may be finding the mom. See The Australian and the Sydney Morning Herald.

From Sharon O’Hara:

Sorry…not on topic, but what do you know about the baby whale, apparently separated from its mom and nuzzling up to a anchored boat? Saw it this morning on tv. Thanks!

This is a story worth following, though it might not have a happy ending.

Australian news reporters are describing a baby humpback whale that followed a yacht so closely Monday that folks assumed that the animal has bonded with the boat. Read the Associated Press story for more.

The latest reports out of Sydney say the young animal tried to suckle another boat today. (Sydney is 17 hours ahead of us, so it’s Wednesday there.) Check out the Sydney Morning Herald or The Australian for the latest news.

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