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Amusing Monday: Animal friends and foes

Parental instincts are on stark display in this video, below, showing a pair of fish protecting their eggs against an aggressive turtle, who no doubt wants to make a meal of their unhatched offspring.

The conflict takes place in Africa’s Lake Tanganyika. At first glance, you have to wonder how these fish, known as emperor cichlids, could possibly hold off the larger terrapin. But they do.

Another kind of fish-vs-turtle contest is the classic tug-of-war involving a worm. I found two videos in which a goldfish in an aquarium tries to steal a worm from a turtle. In each, the fish is at least partially successful. The longer (2.5-minute) video on Benjenings Channel plays up the drama; the shorter (22-second) video on Stonemanjosh Channel gets right to the moment of truth.

Can a turtle and goldfish be friends? They can, according to this sweet little video by Chibikana70.

But if you want to understand the more common scenario between turtle and goldfish, just search in YouTube for “turtle eating goldfish” and choose from the long list. You’ll find out more about the dark side of life than you wish to know.

I used to include some epic battles in this “Amusing Monday” feature. (Remember the octopus-vs-shark video taken at the Seattle Aquarium?) But some readers objected to violent battles ending in death, so I’ve kind of steered away from them. But I’m still fascinated by closely matched conflicts, such as the alligator against the python. Check out this video from “Nature,” originally broadcast on PBS.

As the narrator of the alligator-python battle explains:

“Alligators were once the undisputed reptile kings of the Everglades. But when push comes to shove, who would win in a battle now, alligator or python? It all depends on which one is bigger.”

Who wins in a battle of bats versus crows? I’m not sure there is an answer, but this well-produced video on BillsChannel is amusing to watch.

Amusing Monday: Leonard the goldfish gets fired

Leonard the goldfish hasn’t lost his dry sense of humor — even after last week, when the Seattle Aquarium kicked him out the door on his tail fin.

Leonard explains his sudden exile in the three-minute video below.

If you don’t know Leonard’s life story, this is a tiny goldfish with an unusual determination. Leonard begged and pleaded for more than three years to get into the aquarium. Once inside, it appears that being a star went to his head. Now Leonard is back on the street.

Leonard’s story begins in 2007. You get a sense for his yearning to be an aquarium fish from YouTube videos of May 23, 2007, Sept. 6, 2007, June 11, 2008, and another from June 11, 2008.

The “Let Leonard In” campaign grew out of the desire of an ambitious little goldfish to become part of the Big Show among sea creatures.

In this Jan. 8, 2009, video, Leonard explains his entire campaign to get in — including his radio spots, billboards, transit advertising, direct appeals and even an appearance in the Seattle Torchlight Parade.

Leonard was even honored with a special theme song from The Band of Seahorses.

People voted online to “Let Leonard In,” and he finally reached the tipping point. On Sept. 10, KING 5 News broke the story: “Leonard the Goldfish was welcomed to the Seattle Aquarium after a three-year campaign to prove that he is worthy. After gathering 60,000 votes, Leonard has now been dubbed the official greeter (for the aquarium).”

Leonard initially earned a spot in the janitor’s closet, but support from voters was so overwhelming that aquarium staff could not deny him a place right out front in the lobby, starting on Sept 10.

He barely stayed there a month, however, when he was fired for his bad behavior. That’s outlined well enough in the embedded video above. The future of our little friend is now uncertain, but it’s good to see that he has not lost his perspective on life.

Tim Kuniholm, Seattle Aquarium’s marketing director, told me this morning that Leonard’s story is not over.

“You have to stay tuned,” Tim said. “If I know anything about Leonard, he’s going to keep trying to get in. He is remorseful for his behavior, and I’m sure he will continue his campaign.”