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Amusing Monday: Remembering TV show themes

Yahoo TV recently ran an online survey to determine the most favorite television theme song of all time. The survey was conducted as a bracketed tournament with 32 “seeded” tunes pitted against each other, one pair at a time. It was patterned on the NCAA tournament.

The top seeds, deemed the most likely winners, were the themes to “Cheers” (“Where Everybody Knows Your Name”) and “Friends” (“I’ll Be There For You”), followed by “Mash” (“Suicide is Painless”) and “The Jeffersons” (“Moovin’ On Up”).

Visitors to the website were encouraged to consider each song in the head-to-head competitions before voting.

I learned about the competition after it was over, while looking for amusing water-related material. Still, I enjoyed listening to the old TV songs. Thankfully, for this blog entry, the winner was the theme to “Gilligan’s Island” (“The Ballad of Gilligan’s Isle”), which is shown on this page. The song, seeded at “12,” won out in head-to-head competitions against:

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