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Amusing Monday: Flow Man has his own app

It’s been nearly three years since we visited our old friend Flow Man, the would-be super hero who solves social problems by literally cutting up inanimate objects.

Since then, smart phones have become much more common, connecting us to the world in new ways. New information now comes to us in “apps.” And you really do hear people saying, “I’ve got an app for that.”

About a year ago, a new Flow Man adventure was produced based on that new smart phone theme. Check out the first video on this page. By now, you should be able to predict the solution to the vexing problem at hand.

The second video, issued in October, celebrates reaching 1 million views for the Flow Man series and shows some bloopers while reviewing the kinds of things that the flow jets can cut.

Other Flow Man videos from the past three years:

Super Safe

Stainless Steel Knife

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Amusing Monday: Flow Man cuts through the nonsense

Flow Man has had a few new adventures since we last visited him. I’ve included one here in which the ending takes a different twist.

These videos are ridiculous, it’s true, but I’ve always believed they had potential for entertainment. By and large, they have not reached their potential. As with any short film, the best ones offer a credible story in a short time. That’s why I liked the episode about the cell phone.

I’ve thought about turning a couple of ideas I’ve had into scripts and offering them, but I haven’t gotten around to it. If you’re interested in more of this nonsense, check out Flow Man’s Web page, where you can learn to mow around trees and find a new way to “free up some time,” among other things.

Amusing Monday: The Adventures of Flow Man

There are a lot of stupid videos on You Tube. This video — posted last week — may be one of them. But there’s something amusing, if not amazing, about this one.

Maybe it’s the cutting tool and watching the power revealed in a jet of water.

Maybe it’s the crazy superhero Flow Man and his amazing leap as he leaves the scene of the crime.

Maybe its the promise that this won’t be the last we’ll see of these oddly attractive characters and this lingering question: “Can water cut it?” I wonder if we can look forward to a day in this new video series when we’ll see something that water cannot cut.

As an aside, if you are interested in the technology, there are links on the Web site Can Water Cut It? to more serious videos. What we have here, after all, is probably a less-than-elaborate advertisement for Flow water jets.