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Amusing Monday: Cats and dogs leap, slide and play in the winter snow

It’s been a long time since I’ve offered a cat or a dog video, so here’s one of each. These humorous videos are new compilations of video clips showing cats and dogs playing in the snow.

The first video is part of the NTD network, dedicated to inspiring and engaging stories about relationships among people, animals and nature. The television channel was founded by Chinese Americans who experienced propaganda campaigns and wanted to tell “stories of goodness, compassion and selflessness,” according to NTD’s Facebook page.

The second video by Tiger Productions is 10 minutes long, quite a bit longer than the cat video. The video shows dogs playing in snow and interacting with people and other animals. Tiger Productions says its goal is to create all kinds of video compilations, focusing mainly on animals but also on lego animations.

Just for fun, I’ve thrown in a video about kids and kittens posted to YouTube in November by Aadesh Kumar but credited to NTD.