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Amusing Monday: Frogs really can be funny

I almost forgot about Crazy Frog, who I featured a few years ago in an Amusing Monday entry. Crazy Frog was a cartoon frog. His first video showed him riding an invisible motorcycle. His “ah-ding-ding-ding-da-da-ding-ding-ding” became a popular ring tone for awhile until it drove everybody else crazy.

It’s OK to revisit a crazy cartoon frog by clicking on the link above. But this blog entry is about funny real-life frogs or facsimiles thereof, starting with a video in which a frog tries to catch his meal from a smart phone. Was the frog frustrated toward the end when he went after something larger?

See for yourself in the first video player.

The second video player shows a frog known as a desert rain frog, which comes from an exclusive desert area in Namibia and South Africa with just enough moisture to keep the species alive. The video shown here went viral after it described the little amphibian as the “world’s cutest frog.”

We all know that frogs can croak, but did you know that they scream. Here’s a video called “33 Screaming Frogs.”

On the serious side, PBS Nature produced a video about frogs and their risk of extinction. It was called “The Thin Green Line.”

Finally, to make sure you never run out of different ways of seeing frogs, I located a photo bucket said to contain nearly 20,000 images. It’s called simply “Frogs” by SimbleSimble. I scanned through the first 400 or so to verify that there probably are that many pictures and drawings of frogs.

The images below are from a different photo bucket called Funny Frog.

funny frog photo: Photoshop animated gif - Frog photoshopanimatedgif.gif

funny frog photo: funny frog with dentures 2z56oox.gif

Amusing Monday: Annoying frog dives deep

Remember Crazy Frog, that odd cartoon character who pretended to ride a motorcycle, the one that made a sound that became a ring tone popular around the world?

If you don’t recall, click here, but prepare to be annoyed. The video is even called “The Annoying Thing.”

This annoying video spawned a bunch of other annoying videos, but not all are so bad. Click on the screen embedded to the right on this page for a creative underwater video called “Crazy Frog Fishing.”

You may want to stop here, but if you’d like to indulge your annoyance, there are a bunch of videos involving physical abuse to the frog. My favorite does not include blood. He just gets smacked around a little bit.

If you’re hooked, here are three other Crazy Frog videos that aren’t so bad:

Crazy Frog 2 (You only need to watch 30 seconds of it.)

Crazy Frog 3 (You only need to watch 30 seconds of it.)

Crazy Frog – In the House

If you’d like to read about the entire phenomenon, check out this story by By Giles Wilson in BBC News Magazine.