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Amusing Monday: Cats can be trained to enjoy water and other things

I grew up with cats and have lived with cats for most of my life. I can’t recall that any of my feline friends were fond of water. But then nobody I know has ever taken the time to teach them to surf on the back of a dog, ride the waves with a human or even learn the basic command to “stay.”

These things are exactly what long-time dog trainer Robert Dollwet has done after deciding he wanted to train cats. After moving from California to Australia in 2010, Robert went to a local animal shelter and adopted a lively kitten he named Didga, short for Didgeridoo. As he proceeded through the training, Robert began sharing his methods on a YouTube channel he named “CATMANTOO.” Later, he added another kitten, Boomer, to his family.

The first video on this page shows Didga performing a stunt that Robert calls “Ice surfing.” That’s because the dog (who belongs to a client involved in dog training) is named Ice. Robert says many of the feats shown in his videos take weeks or months for the animals to learn.

“Please don’t try the things you see at home,” he says in a note attached to the video. “I’d feel bad if your cat was hurt or forced into doing something they don’t want to do. Watch my tutorials to learn how to teach your cat.”

The second video, released in April, shows Boomer riding on a surfboard on a river, as Robert gently paddles around.

“We’ve been doing this since he was a kitten,” Robert writes in the notes. “I gave him lots of food while he rides on the surfboard. He’s 11 months now, and he is so comfortable, it’s about that time to take his surfboard riding skills to the next level — by actual surfing on a wave in the ocean (with life vest, of course). Stay tuned.”

The third video is an amusing story called “Didga Dreams BIG,” which actually shows off this cat’s repertoire of tricks and stunts. I like the way Robert demonstrates his cats’ abilities by telling little stories in some of the videos — such as Didga’s skateboard trip around the beach town of Coolangatta, where he lives in Australia. See “World’s Best Skateboarding Cat!”

Other water-related videos:

You can check out the helpful YouTube tutorials on CATMANTOO to learn some basic cat skills that I believe might be helpful in daily life:

By the way, you can follow Robert and his animals on his Facebook page, also called CATMANTOO.

Amusing Monday: Spills and mishaps on the water

If you tuned into “America’s Funniest Home Videos” a week ago, you would have seen a package of water-related mishaps, some excitement at the beach and a few cats in and out of water.

There’s no good way to separate these various packages, so I’ll just leave it to you to either watch the show or click on these segments in the timeline after you click on the Hulu video at right: Cats at 9:00, water mishaps at 28:53 and again at 32.23, and excitement at the beach, 35.45. (Note: Commercials appear as dots on the timeline; they will play when you click from one section to another.)

As an alternative, here’s another video from YouTube showing some wild incidents on or in the water.

I’m not sure what it is about cats, but this blog is still getting hits on an entry from Oct. 6, 2008, called “Some cats have no propensity for water” and another from April 27, 2009, called “There’s something about cats and water.”

Would you like to see more cats in water? Click over to this YouTube video called “Funny Cats in Water.”

Snow cats just gotta have fun … if not terror

A touch of snow back in November caused me to post an entry about “snow dogs,” so whatever snow we get this week deserves a sequel about “snow cats.”

The two cats in the video player at right seem to catch the spirit of fresh, clean, cold snow. They paw at the fluff, run about aimlessly and attack each other. The music seems appropriate somehow. Just think how thrilling these two would be if they could use their little paws to form big snowballs. For an example of that, check out the cartoon linked below as Simon’s Cat.

At the other extreme is a young cat that seems to have no clue what to do with the snow. Must be a first-time snow cat.

A cat named Doughnut seems to have no fear of the snow, but frustration takes over when he is unable to make it up a steep roof and into a bedroom window, as he has done routinely so many times before.

A few more videos:

Cat tunnels in snow. Oh, my!

Simon’s Cat in “Snow Business”

Just before Christmas, someone compiled a bunch of snow cat videos, mixing them with Christmas cat videos. See “Christmas Cats Playing in the Snow.”

Finally, this last animal is not a cat, but he could teach other animals about living the snow. Fox snow dive — Yellowstone.

Amusing Monday: Feline fun with water torture

I asked my wife Sue what she thought I should feature in this week’s “Amusing Monday.” She’d been watching a cat program on the Animal Planet network and suggested, “Cats getting a bath.”

It sounded good until I checked YouTube and the other video websites. That’s when I discovered that several thousand people apparently believe that viewers will be entertained by watching pet cats being tortured. From the sounds of many wailing animals, this must be similar to water-boarding but without the board.

I’ve bathed a few cats in my time. It’s not fun or amusing, but sometimes it must be done. If you want to watch cats getting a bath, search for “cat bath” in YouTube, where you can watch thousands of bathtime failures, a few successes and even some instructional videos purporting to show you how best to do it.

I did locate a few videos that I thought were entertaining. The first two can be played in the viewer. The others can be found by clicking on the following links. As usual, if you’d like to share a video, just add it to the comments section below.

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