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Amusing Monday: Simon shares quirky, all-too-familiar stories of a cat

British animator Simon Tofield has turned his love affair with cats into an amusing series of cartoon videos, delighting millions of viewers on YouTube and other outlets.

For his inspiration, Simon relies on his memories of his numerous companions through the years — Jess, Maisy, Hugh, Teddy, Poppy and Lilly — but the name of the cat in his cartoon is known simply as Simon’s Cat.

The first video on this page asks the question “Do cats really hate water?” It is from Simon’s highly informative series called “Simon’s Cat Logic,” in which cat behavioral expert Nicky Trevorrow joins the conversation to explain how cats think.

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Snow cats just gotta have fun … if not terror

A touch of snow back in November caused me to post an entry about “snow dogs,” so whatever snow we get this week deserves a sequel about “snow cats.”

The two cats in the video player at right seem to catch the spirit of fresh, clean, cold snow. They paw at the fluff, run about aimlessly and attack each other. The music seems appropriate somehow. Just think how thrilling these two would be if they could use their little paws to form big snowballs. For an example of that, check out the cartoon linked below as Simon’s Cat.

At the other extreme is a young cat that seems to have no clue what to do with the snow. Must be a first-time snow cat.

A cat named Doughnut seems to have no fear of the snow, but frustration takes over when he is unable to make it up a steep roof and into a bedroom window, as he has done routinely so many times before.

A few more videos:

Cat tunnels in snow. Oh, my!

Simon’s Cat in “Snow Business”

Just before Christmas, someone compiled a bunch of snow cat videos, mixing them with Christmas cat videos. See “Christmas Cats Playing in the Snow.”

Finally, this last animal is not a cat, but he could teach other animals about living the snow. Fox snow dive — Yellowstone.