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Amusing Monday: The age of aquariums and stuff

I’ve never owned an aquarium, though I’ve often thought about getting one.

The Fish and Flush

While growing up, I remember my younger brother’s aquarium, which was about two feet long. The tank contained various apparatus, including a plastic filter and a little tube that bubbled all the time. These accessories weren’t very attractive, so he kept them toward the back with some plastic plants in front.

Whenever I think about getting an aquarium, I go to the pet store and examine the largest tanks they have. I imagine these big tanks occupying a good portion of my living room, with some amazing fish swimming around and having the time of their lives.

I remember my brother getting new fish. It was a joyous time when he brought them home in a little plastic bag, waited for the temperature to equalize and then watched them for hours to see what they would do. As far as I could tell, they didn’t do anything, and I don’t think he was able to teach them any tricks.
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