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Amusing Monday: Dolphin becomes friend with dog

I have been intrigued by some unusual animal friendships, which I’ve reported here in Water Ways: a baby hippo and a 130-year-old tortoise, a cat and a crow, an orangutan and a hound, an elephant and a dog. See Amusing Monday, Nov. 12, 2012.

But somehow I missed the tantalizing story of a dolphin named Duggie and a dog named Ben on Tory Island, Ireland. The television show “National Geographic Wild” is now telling the story of this unusual friendship, which began in 2006.

That seems like a long time ago, and I’m trying to find out whether the friendship might still endure or whether the National Geographic people used old footage in their telling of the story.

I like the National Geographic clip (first video on this page), because it includes a discussion by Cesar Millan, known as “the Dog Whisperer.” But I have a greater appreciation for the inquisitive approach taken in an earlier production for BBC’s “Countryfile,” a program mostly about places in and around Ireland (second video).

Additional information was filled in by reporter Anita Guldera in The Independent. She tells us that Tory Islanders believe the female dolphin’s friendship with Ben came about after she lost her mate. It all started about the time a male dolphin washed up dead on the island.

I stumbled across the dolphin-and-dog story after someone emailed me a lovely video about a dolphin saving a dog from a shark attack. The video, called “Dolphin and Dog,” was put together by a Dutch woman named Ine Braat. I say the video was “lovely” because the music creates a mood around this dolphin-and-dog friendship. But it’s fiction, mostly based on clips from the movie “Zeus and Roxanne.”

You may wish to check out some of Ine’s other lovely compilations posted on her website.

Another story about a dog and a dolphin is a more gripping tale, because it involves a human whose life was in real danger. Lynn Gitsham of Carrickalinga, Australia, says she was rescued by a pod of dolphins after falling into the ocean while trying to get to her dog. Reporter Michelle Vella tells the story for Australia’s Seven West Television (below).

Amusing Monday: Unusual animal friendships

I’m intrigued by the unusual friendships that somehow develop between very different animals, such as the story of Owen, a baby hippo, and Mzee, a 130-year-old tortoise.

The baby hippo was found on a beach near Malindi, Kenya, following the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean. He was brought to Kenya’s Haller Park, where he was cared for and soon formed a bond with a giant tortoise. The story, which drew much attention at the time, is best told in the National Geographic video on this page.

You may recall that in February I featured a couple videos about an apparent friendship between a dog and a deer. See Amusing Monday for Feb. 13.

Other unusual pairings that I think you’ll find amusing:

Cat and crow: National Geographic

Orangutan and hound: National Geographic,
with musical version by bouju1

Deer and mother goose: WGRZ, Buffalo, N.Y.

Lioness and oryx: National Geographic

Cat and dolphin: n24our

Elephant and dog: National Geographic,
with CBS News — Assignment America

Gorilla and kitten: Kokoflix,
with Koko befriends a new kitten