New film celebrates the history of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, and I was pleased to see that producer/director Shane Anderson and Pacific Rivers are allowing the documentary “Run Wild Run Free” to be shown online for three days before the film goes back into limited showings.

The documentary is filled with historical clips and still images of free-flowing rivers kept free by law as well as some rivers that became blocked by dams. The production captures a sense of the politics surrounding the struggle to get the law passed and then to designate specific rivers as wild and scenic. What seemed like monumental struggles at the time now seems like child’s play in today’s world of uncompromising conflict.

“Run Wild Run Free” is scheduled to be shown online through Thursday. If you click on the video above, you should, of course, watch in full-screen mode.

“We hope this film will inspire and educate people across the country to protect their home river under Wild and Scenic, so we can continue this important legacy for future generations to come,” according to a statement from Pacific Rivers.

Here are two previous blog posts in Watching Our Water Ways about commemorating the anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act:

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