Amusing Monday: Falling, flailing and fooling around in water

Compilation videos showing dozens of mishaps in and around the water seem to be a big hit this year. I’ve lost count of the number of videos that claim to be the “best water fails of 2017.”

It is amusing what people will try to do around water. One tried and true idea is to climb into a boat at the edge of a steep bank. Ask someone to slowly lower the boat into the water. Let the bow get submerged while the stern remains on shore. Then do your best to balance the unstable boat before it tips over.

Another thing I’ve observed on these videos is that people seem to lose their sense of balance around the water. It must be an aquatic gravitational force that makes people unstable. I enjoy the water videos, because when people fall, they generally do not get hurt like they do on land.

Soft-sided swimming pools provide lots of fun. I’ve learned that if you slice open the side of a large swimming pool with an ax or a chain saw, you can surf upon the resulting waterfall.

Something eventful is likely to happen anytime a person glides down an ill-crafted water slide or bounces up and down on a diving board that is beyond its useful life.

Another lesson I’ve learned from these videos is that using a rope to swing from the shore out over the water can be a lot of fun — assuming the rope is strong enough to hold you. It would seem like a good idea to make sure that the dangling rope has not rotted away since someone installed it 17 years before.

I’ve selected four videos that I think are actually the best of the “best water fails” of 2017. They just happen to be associated with established compilers of funny videos: America’s Funniest Home Videos, Funny Vines and Fail Army. Each one is a little longer than the videos I usually post on this blog, so you might choose to watch them at different times.

The last video is different, because it combines the antics of animals with the wetness of water. Animals are pretty unpredictable around water, except for cats. If you see a cat next to a bathtub or swimming pool, you can pretty much anticipate that it will fall in, then flail around wildly to get away from the wet fingers of death.

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