Amusing Monday: Cartoon could be a mascot for this blog

If I needed a mascot for this blog, I just found the perfect cartoon character. His name is Raindrop, and he appears in a cartoon series called “Raindrop, the Water Adventure.”

While this cute and funny cartoon seems like something a child would enjoy, it also introduces concepts that many adults can appreciate — such as the formation of weather, pollution, erosion, evolution of life, and man’s role in altering the environment.

I’m seeing what appears to be a cartoon that appeals to a wide range of ages with discussions of water issues central to life on Earth. As such, these are also issues I often discuss while reporting about Puget Sound protection and recovery.

The first video on this page is the theme song for the series. The second — which is the first 25-minute cartoon in the series — introduces the characters, including two other stages of water and a motley crew of germs. The third video is a song found in an episode about rivers. To see the full episode, go to YouTube. The song can be found just after 11:00 minutes in.

To explore other cartoons and songs in the series, check out the YouTube page Raindrop, Water Adventure toons. One can also find coloring pages of the characters along with some other activities on this Motion Kids TV page.

I’m having trouble finding out much about the producers of this series. I know it is part of Motion Kids TV, a group within Motion Pictures, a video production and distribution company based in Spain. The cartoon was created in collaboration with educational television and has been sold in more than 70 countries, according to an entry in Wikipedia that provides no source for the information.

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