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4 thoughts on “Ballast water bill could allow invasive species to enter Puget Sound

  1. Mr. Dunagun:
    Your informative article demands an answer to prevent our waters becoming of an unthinkable cesspool. With the change of legislature imbalance that has occurred, as well as the heavy strength of the lobbying on this issue, there seems an almost little hope. It is my opinion it would take a mammoth effort of many high profile organizations, well known national business (example, McDonalds, Starbucks), major newspapers to lead the cause. It truly is of great concern. Thank you for your heads up. Louis Soriano

  2. Great article – who holds the “strings” for this now…as in who should we be contacting to voice our opinion that this should not go through?

    1. Summer,

      Thank you for your response and question. The bill still must be approved by the full Senate as well as the House. Amendments could be approved to fill in the most dangerous gaps in protections, and the legislation could be blocked through a filibuster. One problem is that lawmakers in some inland states may not understand the serious problems posed by the bill.

      If you would like to contact Washington’s senators and representatives to voice your concerns, check out Washington congressional delegation.

  3. Perhaps if CNN, Fox News, C Span, ABC News, CBS News, MSNBC, and the rest of broadcast news would report on the ballast water issue concerning economic globalization, the public would demand action because of the human health issues. Sadly they neglect this opportunity to save human life and the environment globally. The media instead complains about American energy development along with industrial development creating carbon that causes GLOBAL warming. Broadcast media neglects to mention that the displacement of American industrial development to third world countries with substandard environmental controls creates more GLOBAL carbon pollution along with more shipping related pollution. The increase in shipping activity releases more carbon and more ballast water containing virus and bacteria facilitating human death from pathogens such as cholera on a Global scale.
    President Trump talks about trade imbalance, while the majority of the ships in American waters are registered as foreign flag ships, to avoid paying tax, this helps facilitate cheap imports from countries he complains about as currency manipulators. His kids claim a love of fishing as invasive reek havoc on our waters. Go figure!
    Major environmental groups such as the NRDC did nor support legislation h.r. 2830 passed in 2008 by the house 395-7. They opted to pursue a states rights approach while the Democratic Party controlled the house, senate and won the presidency. Senator boxer let the bill die over state rights while NY’s plan had the ability geographically to protect the Great Lakes. Subsequent to the demise of H.R.2830 NY decided to abandon their states rights plan in favor of a weaker Coast Guard plan being drawn up under the new Obama administration. Now we have nothing that compares to the standard or the continuous improvement that was embedded in the legislation of h.r.2830. It is good to see Mr.Duagan ask people to address the Senate about strengthening legislation rather than Just using state rights to thwart all legislation as was done a decade ago with the strong legislation of h.r.2830.

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