Amusing Monday: To the far end of Earth for love

Dripping with symbolism, a trip to Iceland by ice skater Jennifer Don and her boyfriend Matt Truebe created an opportunity for a most unusual marriage proposal. Check out the first video for this romantic underwater encounter.

Matt’s business trips often take him to Europe and other countries, keeping the couple apart, according to Jennifer. So before a trip to Amsterdam, Jennifer secretly planned a stop-over visit to Iceland’s Lake Thingvellir. The lake lies on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which separates the Eurasian tectonic plate from the North American plates.

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is literally the dividing line between the continents, with North and South America pushed to the west and Europe and Africa pushed to the east, spreading farther apart at a rate of about an inch a year. For most of its length, the ridge is under the ocean, but it crosses Iceland, where it forms a lake.

So Jennifer decided that the rift was the best place in the world for this couple to get engaged. Iceland, which is known as the “land of equality,” might also be the best place for a woman to pop the question — which she did after much detailed planning and training in scuba diving. It all happened where the rift appears at the bottom of the lake, as you can see in the first video.

“Living in the U.S. and my partner often traveling to Europe to work, Thingvellir is a nice nod to our personal history,” said Jennifer, who won a bronze medal at the 2003 World Championships in pair skating. She went on to win the 2003 Nebelhorn Trophy as a singles skater. See her history in Wikipedia. She currently owns her own business. Matt works for Frequency, a cloud-based Internet company in Los Angeles.

The second video shows some of the nitty gritty organizational details with support of the “Celebration Stopover Buddies” from Icelandair, an airline company which also arranged for the families of Jen and Matt to join them in Iceland shortly after their fairytale marriage proposal.

There must be something about Iceland for marriage proposals. I found the following interesting and awe-inspiring videos of couples taking the plunge into their new futures together.

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