Bremerton drops from top city in Mayor’s Water Pledge Challenge

Bremerton remains a solid contender in the fifth National Mayor’s Water Pledge Challenge, which encourages people to become involved in water conservation.

At the beginning of this month, Bremerton started out in the contest ranked first among cities of similar size across the United States. Since then, the city has dropped to second, behind Andover, Minn. To get back into first place, a fair number of residents in Bremerton and the surrounding area will need to take the pledge for water conservation before the end of the month.

The pledge involves answering a series of questions about one’s willingness to save water, electricity and other natural resources. To enter, go to When finished with the questionnaire, one can enter a contest to receive some nice prizes.

In 2013 and 2014, Bremerton came in first in the competition among cities of similar size. In 2012 and 2015, Bremerton came in third. In all four years so far, Bremerton has ranked first among similarly sized cities in Washington state.

“Water is Bremerton’s remarkable resource,” Mayor Patty Lent said in a news release (PDF 139 kb). “I encourage all Bremerton residents to pledge to learn more about their water and energy use at home. This challenge, which runs through April, is an exciting opportunity to learn about water wise habits as we engage in a friendly competition with other cities across the nation to create a more sustainable environment.”

Seattle, which is ranked fifth among cities its size, is the only other city in Washington state to rank in the top 10. Olympia is 12th for its size. Port Townsend is 17th. Port Orchard is 74th. Poulsbo is 94th. Bainbridge Island is higher than 500th.

The water pledge, which is available until the end of April, is sponsored by the Wyland Foundation.

3 thoughts on “Bremerton drops from top city in Mayor’s Water Pledge Challenge

  1. This is a tight competition and a few additional pledges can put Bremerton back in the top spot and in the running for prizes. The great support received so far is appreciated. City residents are encouraged to take the water pledge to learn wise water habits and help Bremerton reclaim first place!

  2. No thanks. City of Bremerton residents would be a lot more responsive to this sort of attention grabbing gimmick, if it were not for the fact that every other month they are reminded by simply receiving their water and sewer bill of the fact that the City does not want them to see or understand the complete breakdown of the various taxes that appear on their bills and exactly what that pays for in detail. Renaming the PILoT Tax to keep users and taxpayers deliberately confused about where there money goes is starting to bite the City back and the reduced participation in this gimmick is just the first indication of the increased push back that is to come.

  3. Water pledge bahahaha as the City of Bremerton waters their streets in the evenings with ill adjusted sprinklers and dumps sewage into the Puget Sound during moderate rain events. Maybe the mayor would be a better example by concentrating on not allowing city utilities to pollute our shared Puget Sound.

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