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3 thoughts on “Water cleanup program will forego grants, reorganize for efficiency

  1. Out of curiosity did anything ever get used in the Mintercreek Watershed group that was facilitated by the Washington State Department of Commerce in 2013? It was a group from Pierce & Kitsap County offices with property and business owners that covered land use issues and county coordination issues in a watershed that ran from Wicks Lake to the oyster beds in Purdy. Various health departments, planning officials, water monitoring and other county officials participated along with concerned property owners. This was a attempt to help update both counties GMA plans and to better coordinate shared boundaries between counties where development on one side could greatly affect water quality on the other. I know water monitoring & testing was one of the subjects discussed.

  2. Roger,

    Key actions from the Minter Watershed Group being considered under the Counties’ updated Comprehensive Plans include:
    1. Retain the existing Rural zoning within the watershed to the greatest extent feasible. Kitsap and Pierce Counties are following this recommendation (see item two below for a potential zoning change within the watershed).
    2. Consider allowing a “Limited Area Of More Intense Rural Development” (LAMIRD) designation for the existing Port Orchard Airport and associated business park area. The LAMIRD designation would establish a logical outer boundary around the existing area of more intense development, and keep such activities focused within that boundary. The landowner has applied for a LAMIRD designation under the Comp Plan update process.
    3. Improve stream mapping within the watershed. The Wild Fish Conservancy group has completed a subtantial portion of the updated stream mapping project in the Minter/Rocky Creek watersheds. Final results are anticipated in the near future.

    1. Thanks for the information. The county has plans to install two fish friendly culverts on Wicks Lk and SW Lk Helena Rd, which is part of the Minterbrook watershed. I am glad to see our time at the meeting was not wasted.

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