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3 thoughts on “Kitsap gun club withdraws from toxic cleanup program

  1. It’s time for the KRRC to stop their bully behavior. They need to clean up their mess in the Chico Creek Watershed which affects us all. They can do a meaningful effort like responsible neighbors. The Chico Creek Task Force is very familiar with the Clean Water Act.

    1. Jack, You are so far off-base here, spewing your biased opinion as some kind of fact because you suspect it might be so.

      There are NO pollutants escaping from KRRC property!

      We have been surveyed by the EPA, the State Department of Ecology, and the county Health Department, all confirming NO Pollutants or lead is leaving our land, let alone “making a mess in the Chico Creek Watershed!

      NO ONE in Kitsap County is being affected by the lead from 88 years of shooting into the dirt berms that stays there until we mine it to recycle it.

      We are pro-active with the existance of an enviromental stewardship committee led by an industrial environmental engineer that routinely samples the grounds, the wetlands and the stormwater outfall leading to Chico Creek.

      All water samples are delivered to an independent accredited lab under chain-of custody protocols, and ALL have been reported clear and clean!

      IF the Chico Creek Taskforce would like to see the real evidence of these facts, you are invited to contact the club and ask to talk to us about them, or take your own sample from the outlet under the highway, and have it PROVEN to you, rather than just throwing stones ay KRRC.

      1. I re-read the article again to see if I missed the part about your water testing since you accused me of “spewing” my bias. I did not read that in the article on my second read.
        I don’t know what bias that you’re talking about. I reviewed over 22,000 emails of former Washington State DNR employee, Mark Mauren concerning the Chico Watershed. If you’ll ask Marcus, I believe he’ll tell you that I provided him with a couple of emails that mentioned the KRRC. As I’ve said, I don’t care if you have a bazooka fight with a Sherman tank, but IF you are now making a problem, take care of it.
        We’ve been trying for over five years to get an honest environmental impact study done by the SAME DCD that you folks have been fighting. We’ve had no environmental help been from the KRRC, so when I read this article it seemed like you were now thumbing your noses at water quality in the Chico Creek Watershed.

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