Amusing Monday: It gets crazy at the car wash

Anticipation. Surprise. Uncertainty. Reservation. Fear. Relief. Joy.

Those were the emotions that one little boy went through during his first trip through an automatic car wash — and then he was ready to go again. Check out the first video on this page.

I vaguely remember the trepidation I felt while going through a car wash for the first time as a child. I have no idea how old I was, but it clearly left an impression. After the first time or two, it seems to me that most kids start looking forward to these trips through the swirling water, whirling brushes and blower fans.

I’m assuming, when I say this, that the parents know how to behave safely in a car wash. After all, what can go wrong? If you really want to know, check out the second video on this page, a montage of numerous car-wash videos taken from YouTube.

Another theme you’ll see in car-wash videos revolves around sexy women spraying water and flipping around soapy sponges while leaning over all kinds of cars. Many of these videos are built around a humorous punch line, as you will see by clicking on a video called “Funny Car Wash Commercial” — an ad for Mrs. Mac’s Famous Beef Pies.

A few car-wash jokes:

  • “My niece, Lucy, was thrilled to hear that a new car wash was opening up in her neighborhood. ‘How convenient,’ she said. ‘I will be able to walk to it.’”
    — Readers Digest
  • “You can’t tell me the ecology isn’t fouled up. I washed my car yesterday and it didn’t rain.”
    Frank and Ernest, Bob Thaves
  • A flock of birds is flying over a city. One bird looks down and says, “There’s a nice clean car pulling out of that car wash. Anyone need to go?”
    Speed Bump, Dave Coverly
  • For the next joke, you’ll need to click over to see the cartoon called “The first car wash,” another one by Dave Coverly.

Ready for a music video? Here’s one by Christina Aguilera with Missy Elliott, which is a 2004 remake of the 1976 one-hit wonder by Rose Royce. Aguilera’s updated version was featured in the DreamWorks animated movie “Shark Tale.”

Thanks go to my wife Sue this week for asking, “Have you ever done an ‘Amusing Monday’ on car washes?”

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