Amusing Monday: Animal antics and football feats

I’m sharing a silly animal video with you today in honor of Eli, the orangutan who successfully predicted the Seattle Seahawks’ win in yesterday’s Super Bowl.

The video at right is a compilation from the BBC’s TV series “Walk on the Wild Side,” which first aired in 2009. If you would like to see more, there’s a second compilation, “Animal Crackers 2,” as well as a collection of short segments in “The Inspiration Room.”

As for the Super Bowl prediction, it can be seen in the second video. As you may observe, Eli, who lives in the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City, ran over and decisively knocked down a blue paper-mache helmet bearing a Seahawks logo. He ignored the orange helmet representing the Denver Broncos.

Eli has now correctly predicted the Super Bowl winner seven times in a row without missing yet. That’s a record that the harbor seals in Connecticut’s Maritime Aquarium can only hope to match. They have now picked the wrong team three times in a row.

Orange, the name of one harbor seal who participated in the selection, may have chosen the Broncos’ colors to match his name. But anyone who has spent any time around harbor seals knows how unreliable they can be. Check out the video of the seals trying to predict a winner with a couple footballs and associated team colors.

For more animal predictions, review the piece by Time magazine, which gives you an idea how little puppies, pandas and manatees know about football.

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