Amusing Monday: Random uses for super-cool water

I have known of the existance of super-cooled water for a very long time, but I didn’t realize it was a do-it-yourself project until I saw Grant Thompson’s YouTube video on the subject.

If you’re careful, you can get water, and apparently other liquids, to cool below the freezing point without creating ice. Thompson — the “King of Random” — shows us a few things we can do with super-cooled water in the video on this page.

For a version with more explanation, check out “Instant Ice: Tips, Tricks and Things to Watch Out For!” You can also make what Thompson calls an “Instant Slushy” by super-cooling a soft drink instead of water.

Grant Thompson has done projects far more dramatic and scary than creating super-cooled water. If you haven’t seen his videos before, you can watch him build his own arc welder, melt aluminum and create bottle rockets. On the tamer side, he can show you how to make a candle out of a stick of butter and soap from bacon grease.

Thompson’s You Tube channel is approaching a million viewers. He has appeared on the television news show Good Morning America. (He comes in about halfway through this segment.)

Some ideas he shares could come in handy under survival conditions, such as “Starting a Fire with a Water Bottle.” Related videos include “Five Ways to Start a Fire Using Water” and “Seven Things to do with a Water Bottle.”

Although Thompson’s demonstrations of fire and explosions are dramatic, I found myself more intrigued by the subtle things that he has done, such as safely opening a soft drink bottle after it has been shaken up, a trick he calls the “Soda Ninja Swipe” Thompson also has learned how to “make a paper clip float on water” and “levitate a glass with three dinner knives.”

For the holiday season, he offers some clever ideas that he calls “10 Life Hacks You Need to Know for Christmas.”

Considering the number of videos Thompson has produced on so many odd and interesting subjects, I think he has earned the title “King of Random.”

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