Amusing Monday: Life, death, sex in the natural world

For the past year, online comedian/vlogger Ze Frank has been narrating and producing videos about the strange behavior of various animals. He seems to pay particular attention to matters of reproduction, digestion and other physiological functions.

I believe there are 21 videos under the title “True Facts About … ” It doesn’t take long to realize that Frank’s slow narrative style with anthropomorphic touches emulates that of narrators for National Geographic and other nature videos. In fact, he created an entire video in which he talks about the unusual powers of Morgan Freeman (see “True Facts About Morgan Freeman”), who is well known for nature film narration.

Ze Frank, who was born Josea Jan Frank, was a pioneer in video blogging and soon gained a following for his short video commentaries he called “The Show with Ze Frank,” which ran for a year beginning in March of 2006. One episode, called “Outside,” served as an experiment for his future nature videos.

For the full list of his “True Facts About … ” videos check out the zefrank1 chapter on YouTube. Here are some of my favorite videos in the series:

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