Amusing Monday: Animal pirates stealing food

If you’ve been fishing very long in Puget Sound or other places along the West Coast, you may have a story about a pesky seal or sea lion taking a bite out of your fish — or, worse, taking the whole thing. Check out this video:

Who would expect a thieving sea lion to attack after you’ve landed your trophy fish, taken it back to the dock and hauled it out for a video shoot?

The video, which has gone viral over the past three weeks, has a story behind it. The two characters on the dock are in the midst of filming a new reality show called “Chef on the Water,” a program set to run on The Travel Channel. The program involves an accomplished chef who is asked to catch his food before preparing it.

The chef whose fish was stolen in this video is Yvan Mucharraz of Capella Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas. The other man is host Mike “The Griz” Ritz, who has won awards for his previous series, “Adventures South of the Border.” It doesn’t look like they staged the scene, but some people speculate they did. The sea lion, named Pancho, is known for this type of thievery on the docks of Los Cabos, according to online reports.

Read more about the new show on the website “Chef on the Water with The Griz.” More photos are shown on the official Facebook page for the show.

Other videos featuring animal thievery:

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