Amusing Monday: Aniston gets ‘smart’ with water

Our old “friend” Jennifer Aniston has been acting pretty silly lately while talking about Glaceau Smartwater, the bottled water by Coca Cola that comes with special electrolytes.

We’ll let the experts, including Sara R. and Jenny Sugar, tell us whether it is smart to buy Smartwater, but click on the video player to see Jen doing her best to create a video designed to go viral. She seems to forget about the water as she takes directions and worries about the mental state of a guy freaking out over a double rainbow.

Aniston has been the face and voice for Smartwater for several years, and her picture was the center of some new print ads this past summer (E-Online). Apparently, she is serious about drinking Smartwater.

As for the silly stuff, the “leaked security tape” is her comedic review of various rumors that always swirl around Aniston’s life, at least as depicted in the tabloids.

You can also check out a series of “smartfact” videos showing Aniston (portrayed by comic Shannon Ayers) talking about random topics. If she seems a little confused, take a close look at the end of each video, when the truth comes to light. It’s not the water, as it turns out. I found Commercial 7 and Commercial 8 to be rather amusing, but you can play through the entire series on Tia and Shannon Ayers’ YouTube channel.

Aniston plays a major role in her new film, “We’re the Millers.” The trailer seems amusing, but I think I’ll wait for the DVD. Any comments?

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