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2 thoughts on “Why are salmon dying when they reach saltwater?

  1. I would love to see the area near Allyn, called North Bay in Case Inlet in your studies. It is obvious to any casual observer that the ecosystem has been nearly destroyed by careless planting and harvesting of goeducks for sale to Japan at extremely high profits. The Taylor Shellfish Company has convinced the State of Washington to lease them tide lands for this purpose. This company uprooted nearly all sea weed species by using power hoses to harvest the existing goeducks. Along with the seaweed went the ecosystem needed for the survival of numerous fish and shellfish species. They then planted goeducks seed in tubes made of PVC pipe. The shavings from the PVC are ingested by marine life, causing more devastation. Over time the PVC continues to dissolve in the salt water. To make matters worse, the PVC tubes are covered by netting to insure that the immature goeducks do not float from the PVC tubes in which they are planted. This netting acts like a gill net, catching and killing any fish which used to used to be called bottom fish such as cod, sole, etc. Durung low tides other species such as birds, including Bald Eagles become entangled in the webs struggling until they die. Needless to say, the salmon returning to Coulter Creek, die when attempting to reach salt water. The State of Washington has so far considered this an acceptable loss. A few years ago they simply gave up all,efforts and closed the Coulter Creek,Hatchery.

    We have a new governor and new groups showing concern for the survival of Puget Sound. Can you direct us to,those who can help,us save the ecosystem in North Bay?

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