Amusing Monday: Matt Damon continues toilet strike

Hearing reviews about actor Matt Damon’s performance in the upcoming sci-fi thriller “Elysium” reminded me to check on Damon’s progress with, the organization he co-founded to help bring clean water to all parts of the world.

Clean water is a life-and-death issue in many third-world countries. But Damon has strategically avoided preaching to people in his fund-raising campaign for clean water. Instead, he is using humor quite effectively, I think, which is why I found a place for him in Water Ways last Christmas.

Since then, Matt has come out with some new videos, including the one shown on this page that features the Live Prude Girls of YouTube fame.

Following in this humorous vein is his call for a “toilet strike,” in which he pledges not to go to the bathroom until all people have access to clean water. View the “press conference” he held to announce the strike, along with videos of support by 1) Jason Bateman, Jessica Biel and Josh Gad, and 2) Bono, Richard Branson and Olivia Wilde.

Matt Damon also lends his voice to a cartoon, which brings out some of the same issues. After watching these videos, you will know that more people have cell phones than access to clean water, along with other facts that frame the need for action.

Damon talks about World Toilet Day being Nov. 19. I’m not sure if he invented that day or if he plans to do something special for the occasion, but I’ll stay tuned and bring you the latest.

Meanwhile, a profile of Matt Damon by Decca Aitkenhead was published Friday in The Guardian. The article talks about his personal life, his new movie and his approach to charities, including

As for the accomplishments of, check out the Projects Page to see what the organization has been doing.

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