Amusing Monday: magic from a storekeeper

We all know that water is the substance of life, but can it really turn a dehydrated baby chick into a living creature?

I think the so-called “Magic Clerk,” featured on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, is one of the greatest bits ever. People don’t expect a friendly store clerk to be a magician, so they are trapped into believing some of the most amazing things.

Michael Caronaro is perfect in the role, as Xaque Gruber describes in a blog on the Huffington Post:

“By pulling the wool over customers’ eyes — right in front of them — with bizarre, unexplainable stunts, we are reminded how we all move through life with blinders on. When confronted with a moment of sheer wonder — as in the chicks segment of the Easter video, people are thrown off guard, and often (inexplicably) accept the impossible as reality….

“It takes a certain sensibility to pull off this kind of act. Who else could do this except for someone who excels as a comedian, an improviser, an actor, and a magician? Carbonaro is all of these things, and even goes the extra mile by still being the charming, fun-loving, guy next door — a far cry from the ego-driven personalities that many associate with great magicians. And with an impending regime change at The Tonight Show, the time is right for a smart TV producer to snatch this guy up, and give him his own show.”

Here are more roundups of some of the Magic Clerk features.

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