Amusing Monday: The ongoing value of paper

We hear a lot about personal electronics and the move toward a paperless society. This idea only goes so far, however, as you’ll see in the video below. It comes from a television commercial by Leo Burnett, a French ad agency.

While we’re on the theme of paper, check out this episode of “Prank vs. Prank,” a long-running series on the Internet that involves a couple playing pranks on each other from 2007 right up to the present.

I’m not sure how their relationship survives, but Jesse Wellens and Jennifer “Jeana” Smith are still going strong with their pranks. Some are funny and some seem a little cruel. But people keep watching their videos on Prank vs. Prank. As of today, their channel has been viewed more than 376 million times.

I was also amused by the funny toilet paper rolls brought together in a blog by Rhonda Ablom, a.k.a. Pukeko, on the website Cozy.

Rhonda points toward a survey that asked people what things they would least want to wipe their bottoms with. Glass shards and barbed wire led the list, and Rhonda was able to find some soft bathroom tissue with a picture of barbed wire on each sheet. This could be a good conversation starter.

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