Amusing Monday: Flow Man has his own app

It’s been nearly three years since we visited our old friend Flow Man, the would-be super hero who solves social problems by literally cutting up inanimate objects.

Since then, smart phones have become much more common, connecting us to the world in new ways. New information now comes to us in “apps.” And you really do hear people saying, “I’ve got an app for that.”

About a year ago, a new Flow Man adventure was produced based on that new smart phone theme. Check out the first video on this page. By now, you should be able to predict the solution to the vexing problem at hand.

The second video, issued in October, celebrates reaching 1 million views for the Flow Man series and shows some bloopers while reviewing the kinds of things that the flow jets can cut.

Other Flow Man videos from the past three years:

Super Safe

Stainless Steel Knife

Geode rock


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