Amusing Monday: Some fish will brush your teeth

Strange as it may seem, some fish make their living cleaning others’ teeth and generally improving the hygiene of larger animals.

The fish in the video appear to be bluestreak cleaner wrasse, which live on coral reefs in the Indian Ocean and much of the Pacific Ocean, as well as many seas, including the Red Sea and those around Southeast Asia. See the entry in Wikipedia.

Cleaner wrasse hang out in “cleaning stations,” where large fish recognize them by their colorful uniforms. The larger fish strike a specific pose to allow the cleaner fish access to their bodies, according to the Wiki article.

The larger fish come away with a cleaner body; the wrasse are protected; and the smaller fish can eat all the organic matter they can collect off their clients.

Shifting away from cleaner fish, I found some other photos and videos about brushing teeth that I believe are worth sharing. A photo of a cat brushing its teeth has been making the rounds for quite some time. I found this photo on

If you want to learn how to brush your teeth, I was amazed to discover that hundreds, if not thousands, of videos have been produced to help you, especially if you’re a kid. Some include cartoon characters, and many contain music to encourage children to get into a regular habitat.

One brushing cartoon that’s short and sweet with a little bit of rhythm is Pierre Coffin’s animation featuring Pat and Stan, often called simply Hippo and Dog.

How about a rap song by the Beastie Babies called “Plaque is Wack.” It seems the strategy here is to gross out the listener by describing what happens in your mouth if you fail to brush.

If you look around, you’ll also find plenty of people goofing around with the idea of brushing one’s teeth. It’s one of those topics that seem so entertaining to the people posting the videos but hardly to anybody else.

I was amused, however by a series of still photos titled “How to Brush Your Teeth Like a Spartan.” The captions describe how to arm yourself and prepare to do battle with an enemy in your mouth.

Finally, we come to a video with a storyline, symbolism and plenty of production work. I’ll just ask you to watch it and draw your own impressions. It works well in full screen, by the way.

Le Miroir from ramonandpedro on Vimeo.

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