Amusing Monday: Artists create ‘water bodies’

They say the human body is made up mostly of water. A few clever artists from throughout the world have taken the idea a step further by imagining what the body would be like if it were made up entirely of water.

It brings a new meaning to the old saying, “I can see right through you.”

One of the best examples I found of these water bodies comes from Beach Park in Brazil, the largest water park in Latin America. A print ad campaign by Verve Communications features three pictures of water people in their bathing suits. Click on the pictures above to enlarge them.

As interpreted from Portuguese, the ad slogans can be read to say:

“You’re 70% made of water. And some swim suit.”

“You can’t wash your soul without getting wet.”

“Have you ever noticed that the sound of running water is good therapy.”

So maybe these slogans work better for a Brazilian audience, but still you have to like the pictures.

Other interesting images can be found on instructional websites that explain how to turn people into water figures. In “Designer Today,” Beatriz Mariniello shows how to combine images of a woman jumping with splashing water to create a unique water woman.

I’m surprised at the number of tutorials showing how to create water people, both men and women. Frankly, many of them are not that good. But I did like the image produced by Jennifer Cirpici in “Digital Arts.”

On a somewhat different theme, photographer Sarah Lee often focuses on human figures in her inspirational underwater photos. Some of her photos are featured in an article by “Megadeluxe,” which includes an interview in which Sarah Lee describes her passion for underwater photography. See also for more of her photos or visit Sarah Lee’s own web page showing her underwater work.

One thought on “Amusing Monday: Artists create ‘water bodies’

  1. Thanks a lot Chris.I just found yor web and saw my name on an article.You are too kind on your comments about my designs.Im Beatriz Mariniello.Im also a photographer.Glad to see people sharing my work.Thanks a lot!!!!

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