Amusing Monday: Time (again) for biting humor

“Sunday Morning,” the television news magazine, carried a piece yesterday about the dangers of mosquitoes, which reminded me of an “Amusing Monday” I wrote a year ago. Coming off a week of vacation, I thought this would be a good time for a rerun with a few updates.

Last year, people were complaining that mosquitoes in Western Washington were larger, angrier and more abundant than ever before. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a repeat performance this year.

Although I have not seen any expert analysis about this, some people believe that the mild winter and wet spring worked in favor of mosquitoes, creating some of the largest swarms of nasty bugs they have ever encountered.

Of course, mosquitoes are serious business, given that they can transmit the dangerous West Nile virus. But even the staid Washington Department of Health knows that humor can go a long way in getting a message across. Check out the videos released at this time last year:

Fight the bite!: Staying safe from West Nile virus

Cover yourself: Stay safe from West Nile virus

Wear repellent to keep mosquitoes away

I’ve collected a variety of funny video clips related to mosquitoes. When you can’t avoid the nasty little insects, try to remember your favorite one.

First, a limerick by Madeleine Begun Kane:

Mosquitos are on the attack.
They have bitten my arms and my back.
You may call ‘em God’s creatures —
These venomous leechers —
I’m tired of being their snack.

Monty Python: Mosquito Hunters

The Clap: a commercial for Good Knight mosquito repellent

Kung Fu Mosquito

X-Box commercial: Work less; don’t lose the gift of play.

Mosquitoes arguing
The Lighter Side Company (click on image)

3 thoughts on “Amusing Monday: Time (again) for biting humor

  1. Madeleine,

    You seem to have an incredible amount of fun on your blog, “Mad Kane’s Humor Blog,” and the level of reader participation is amazing. I urged folks last year to take a look, and I do so again.

    As a gauge of success, you have 85 responses so far to your latest “limerick-off,” which went up on Sunday. Would anyone here like to complete a limerick that begins, “A moody young woman with ‘tude…”? For details, along with some good and bad responses, go to Limerick ‘Tude (Limerick-Off Monday).

  2. Thanks so much for your lovely words about my humor blog and for mentioning my weekly Limerick-Offs. I urge your readers to join in and to not be shy. Limerick novices are welcome as experienced versifiers.

    Thanks again for your enthusiasm! I really appreciate it!

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