Amusing Monday: Still waiting for water sports

The weather this spring hasn’t been very conducive for water sports, but I have confidence that the heat will be on soon, bringing boaters to the water along with those who love to be dragged around.

While we’re waiting, take a look at some crazy tow gear that takes old-fashioned wakeboards to an entirely new level.

The Sumo Tube from SportStuff is an inflatable Sumo suit that you wear while gliding across the water. Most videos show a single person being towed in a suit. But the first video on this page shows a type of Sumo wrestling with two people in suits bouncing off each other.

Another item that could well live up to its name is the Barf Ball, which tends to spin over and over when the tow boat takes a curve that brings the ball over the edge of the wake. The second video purports to be the maiden voyage for this particular ball.

The Barf Ball, made by O’brien Watersports, has plenty of room inside with handles to hold and change position, according to reviews I’ve seen.

Another video shows the action of a covered tube that can roll over without a problem. I couldn’t find the name of this inflatable object, so someone may wish to enlighten me. Lettering on the side looks something like “Howdy Folks.”

The number of new things being towed keeps expanding every year. I’m offering a fourth video from Boating World magazine that includes demonstrations, with the riders offering their opinions and ratings of the equipment. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that these testers were generally using the gear for the first time. Since it takes awhile to learn the techniques, it might be better to hear from people who have been using these things for a time.

As for me, I would love to hear your comments — pro or con — as well as recommendations if you are into these kinds of far-flung water sports.

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