Earth Hour connecting people through social media

Earth Hour is this Saturday beginning at 8:30 p.m. The annual event is a chance for everyone on Earth to connect with everyone else by turning off their lights for an hour.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve found the symbolic event to be an enjoyable time for sitting quietly in the dark with a few candles and discussing with my family what we can do as individuals, joining with others, to make this a better world.

As others have said, all important movements start with small actions. I like Earth Hour, because one is joining something both big and small. It’s big because it is taking place throughout the world. It’s small because it is such a simple thing.

This year, Earth Hour founder Andy Ridley would like to pursue the potential of connecting people worldwide through social media. It is now possible to converse in a variety of ways with millions of people and maybe even inspire others to take actions for sustainability. As Andy says, it is time to go beyond the hour.

To check out some of the ideas being thrown out, read “My Challenge to the Earth Hour Community” as well as the home page of Earth Hour.

Plenty of celebrities worldwide have joined the movement, and new ideas are being promoted all the time. My wish is that this simple idea not collapse under an effort to make it something more. I want it to remain personal. I guess it goes back to that enduring environmental slogan: Think global; act local.

If you are interested, feel free to read comments I’ve offered during previous Earth Hour events:

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