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4 thoughts on “Environmental groups will boycott Navy meetings

  1. Without our defense, these groups wouldn’t even be able to boycott. Just try it in Iran, for example.

  2. It’s obvious these “environmental” groups are completely anti-military anyway. The Navy should not be subjected to their prattle. It’s good that they are “boycotting.” Chumps.

  3. Hello Chris
    Thanks for posting this info, I glanced at the notice in today’s paper but the text was so small I had difficultly reading it so I did not notice that there is a meeting in Silverdale tonight. I will be there.
    BTW, I am not anti military in fact I am a veteran and think that overall the Navy has done a good job, but I do care about protecting our environment.Remember The USS Port Royal?

  4. Gary, I’m glad the notice was helpful. I attended the meeting tonight, which was designed to answer questions and take comments on issues to be included in the environmental studies. The proposed changes in testing and training have not been completely defined, but I got a pretty good idea what is being planned. I also learned that mitigation measures are reviewed annually and will get a closer look in the new permit.

    For those who don’t know about the USS Port Royal, it is a Navy ship that apparently created a big wake when it went through Hood Canal, causing a lot of oysters to wash up on the beach. My Aug. 27, 2010, Water Ways entry tells the basic story, contains Gary Jackson’s video and provides links to previous stories. Read about the final resolution in Water Ways, Oct. 16, 2010.

    I hope we all realize that the Navy has a serious job to do, and it must balance security, testing and training against protecting our precious natural resources. The disagreement relates to what exactly that balance should be.

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