Amusing Monday: Babies of all kinds take to water

I’ve got babies on my mind, no doubt because my daughter in Yakima and two of my coworkers in the newsroom are all expecting in April.

It didn’t take me long to locate some great water-related videos of babies, though not all of them are human. Let’s start with some underwater shots of human babies swimming at a very young age. Click on the video player on this page.

If you like animation, you may enjoy my Water Ways entry from August of 2010. It features the Evian underwater babies from 1998, along with a bunch of animated dancing babies — including the dancing baby that started this whole animated baby craze. Personally, most of these babies seem unnaturally creepy — but check out the last video mentioned in that 2010 entry. It shows a real-life toddler who dances better than many adults.

The “water babies” theme in this blog entry focuses on real situations, including some young animals just learning to swim. (For easier for viewing, I’ve chosen to open each item in a new window or tab, which should make it easier to move on to the next video.)

Baby sea lion

Baby beaver

Baby hippo

Baby otter

Baby kangaroo

Baby turtles released

Baby elephant

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