Orca photos: Capt. Jim offers his favorites of 2011

Capt. Jim Maya of Maya’s Westside Charters on San Juan Island sent me his favorite photos of 2011.

“Though perhaps not technically my best,” he wrote. “they are my personal favorites. I hope you enjoy them and have a great 2012.”

Jim sent the photos on Jan. 1, so the delay in getting them online is all mine. The captions below each picture are Jim’s comments about the events and circumstances of the moment. Click on each photo for a better view.

Nov. 19. Ts with Sucia Island and Mt. Baker. We first found them at Speiden Island thanks to Kim and Karl Bruder, who run Lonesome Cove. Evening light. / Capt. Jim Maya
Aug. 26. Spectacular speed swimming! We call it porpoising for some reason. Strait of Georgia headed toward the Frazer River. Wish the lighting had been better, but you get the idea. / Capt. Jim Maya


April 15. Transients in President's Channel, west side of Orcas Island, going northwest up the island. Notice the water slipping off the body of the calf, and the smile. Loving life! / Capt. Jim Maya
July 18. Just off of Henry Island, again in Haro Strait, close to our dock. The curiosity of nature's two most amazing creatures toward each other constantly amazes me. Who is the eco tourist? I got this photo to all of those in the kayaks. / Capt. Jim Maya
April 28. T's with Vancouver Island near Duncan, B.C. I love their blows. Close to shore. / Capt. Jim Maya
June 7. A Transient Orca stalking a Dall's Porpoise in Haro Strait, right out in front of Snug Harbor, our home port. The power and the stark reality of life in the wild. / Capt. Jim Maya
Sept. 22. Loving creatures. Mom and calf. Touchy and intimate they are with one another. We are constantly aware of their devotion to family. / Capt. Jim Maya
Sept. 24. Transient male, Race Rocks, B.C., west of Victoria, with the Olympic Mountains and the Elwha Valley. Big country! Yep! / Capt. Jim Maya
Nov. 19. Ts just north of Orcas Island. Light on water on Orcas. Magical evening. Don't ya love evening light? / Capt. Jim Maya
Jan. 3 in Haro Strait, the night I was pretty sure that Ruffles was gone for good... The color and solitude. / Capt. Jim Maya

One thought on “Orca photos: Capt. Jim offers his favorites of 2011

  1. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures. These Whales always take my breath away. I get so excited everytime I get a change to see them. We are so blessed to have them in our backyards.

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