Amusing Monday: Humor in nature and bottled water

Bottled water is inherently funny, and Jim Gaffigan comes to grips with the humorous elements like few people I have seen.

I keep trying to find comedians who can speak to water issues, but it’s hard to find funny people who don’t swear up a storm. There’s plenty of nasty stuff on this blog without polluting it with dirty words. At least some comedy shows — including the Daily Show with Jon Stewart — bleep out the dirty words before they post the videos.

Gaffigan takes the unusual approach of practically swearing off swearing altogether in his routines. Here’s what he said in an article in Straight magazine:

“I’ve always felt like when I have cursed in the past that it’s been kind of cheating. That’s not to say that dirty jokes aren’t funny. It’s just that I feel like it’s a bigger mountain to climb….I’ve always been like, I wouldn’t want to do a joke that would embarrass my mom. Like, there are Def [Comedy Jam] comics that are talking about eating p —-, then they’re like, ‘I love you, Mom!’ There’s this ironic twist there.”

Gaffigan’s take on Christmas and other holidays seems appropriate for this time of year.

Gaffigan has a kind of an indoors-outdoors thing going, and he calls himself “indoorsy” as opposed to his wife, who is always trying to drag him outdoors, or so he says. Check out his description of camping.

This comedian does not seem to understand nature at all, which comes out in his brief discussion of a male seahorse and his much longer expert analysis about whales.

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